The Secret to Health is In The Daily Routine | HEALTH & WELLNESS PODCAST

November 6, 2018


The Secret to Health is In The Daily Routine | HEALTH & WELLNESS PODCAST

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Today we share a few tips and tricks for what makes a healthy daily routine. 


Figure out your goals and sign up to something that’ll keep you accountable - sign up to my January ‘get healthy’ challenge group:


1) hydration is key as our bodies are made of 75% water! 

  • 600ml first thing in the morning - wakes up your digestion 

  • 2-3 litres per day 

  • put a water bottle right next to your bed that night so it’s there when you wake up

  • add lemon or apple juice to the water 

  • drink hot herbal tea e.g. peppermint or lemon tea 


2) move your body - it's recommended to get 150minutes moderate intensity per week 

  • put on a youtube video and do a stretch routine while educating yourself with a good youtube video 

  • track your exercise on strava 

  • my Pinterest stretch routine board:

  • print some PDFs of stretch routines and stick them on your bedroom wall

  • listen to a youtube video or podcast whilst doing body weight exercises 

  • yoga routine and think about doing it the night before - wake up with an intention 

  • exercise whilst cooking - multitasking, try press ups on the counter side or squats  

  • set reminders on your phone 

  • it takes 21 days to build a habit

  • just start with 5 minutes 


3) at 12:17min we talk about specific foods we like to add to our routine  

  • add in a handful of greens - kale, broccoli, cabbages, cucumbers, courgette, lettuce, spinach

  • greens are so important and healing - they dilate blood vessels and heal our cells from inside out

  • they help cleanse the liver so we can clean our blood better

  • stops sugar cravings as gets the good nutrients in

  • lack of energy, circulation, immunity, prevents congestion, encourages good bacteria to populate our gut with probiotics and prebiotics 


4) at 20:16min we discuss about Primary Foods


- spirituality

- gratitude, maybe set a timer for 1 or 2 minutes thanking God for things: ‘Thank you for my bed, the fresh air, my laptop’ 

- relationships, spending time with people you love, spend time with people who make you feel good

- we are in control of how we feel so choose to respond not react

- career, follow your purpose and do what makes you happy  

  • journal - write things out in a note book or try morning pages where you write 3 pages freehand on whatever comes to mind

  • reflect on your life to improve yourself every day to be the best you


I hope you enjoyed listening and reading, let me know what you're going to incorporate into your daily routine to help you become a healthier you. Also check out the links above if you'd like to get old of your own free meal plan. 


Lots of Love,











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