10 Tips on How To Go Vegan and Where to Start!

September 27, 2018

Are you wanting to go vegan but have NO IDEA where to start?


You’ve come to the right place, here I share with you 10 tips to help you go vegan 🌱



 At the end I’ve got an exciting Meal Plan Coming SOON to set you off on the right foot and some additional links for you to learn more.

Firstly think about transitioning slowly...


1. Switch your milk - hunt down Vegan alternatives in the long life milk isle - oat and almond are great.

Learn about alternative proteins - instead of meat in the meal switch in a can of chickpeas, lentils or beans.


2. Add in don’t cut out. Firstly add in more veg and new foods. Be experimental in the kitchen with carrots, cabbage, peas, peppers, tomatoes, spring greens - use the picture above will show you how to compose a meal properly.


3. Add in better carbs. Sweet potato, butternut squash, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, couscous, quinoa, wholemeal pittas, seeded bread.


4. Eat larger portions! Meat and dairy is very dense in calories when you switch to plants your portion must increase! Use fitness pal or cronometer to track to see if you’re getting enough. But also the key to a healthy tasty balanced vegan diet is making a meal composed of protein, carbs, fat, flavour (spice) and veg - see picture below.


5. Learn to read packets - look for the bold words (milk protein, egg white, butter) these are allergens and not vegan so should be visible on processed packet foods. You will need to read a lot of labels and get familiar with what is not vegan but don’t go cutting it all out at once! We need you to keep your calories up!


6. Most junk food is not vegan so you’ll automatically be cutting out a lot of unhealthy food, most dark chocolate, crisps and biscuits are vegan so you won’t be missing out. But don’t take that as it’s healthy, eating a whole packet has lots of sugar. Sugar is vegan but not healthy - 6 tsp/ day is the recommended limit.


7. Snack on fruit & nuts - they have lots of good nutrients for your body to function on.

Bear in mind you can be vegan and unhealthy. Chips and coke are vegan. And if I lived on those alone I would not be healthy. Get in the rainbow of colourful fresh foods. Grapes, berries, apples, bananas, oranges are fab!


8. Get a B12 supplement. B12 is only found in fortified cereals and some vegan milks so a daily supplement is essential. B12 aids memory and muscle function. - my favourite one is in my shop.

Keep learning.


9. The first few weeks you will need to commit to learning more, see the links below to learn more about the nutrients or you will get deficient and revert to omnivore again. And if you are finding it hard watch my YouTube videos to get some meal ideas and message me for guidance.


10. Once you've successfully transitioned, do NOT worry if you accidentally eat anything not vegan, we all make mistakes and it's ok! Your morals are still in the right place, just learn from it and move on. And when you go round people's houses for food, mention to them before hand and it'll inspire them to make you something really tasty! And they might go vegan too after that! 


Go and be an inspiration to many by going vegan the right way and sticking with it long term, and GOOD LUCK!

MEAL PLANS COMING SOON sign up here to be the first to have one so you know what to make when going vegan: SIGN UP HERE


Additional Information HERE


Here are also some British Dietetic Association Fact Sheets you might find helpful for the nutrition detail. 









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10 Tips on How To Go Vegan and Where to Start!

September 27, 2018

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