My Top 3 Favourite Breakfast Ingredients

June 18, 2017


Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 favourite breakfast ingredients. They may surprise you as they're rather out of the ordinary but I love them and eat them daily! 


These ingredients keep me so full, so satisfied and on top form. So productive and levels of energy on point. So the winning ingredients are.... drum roll please... 🥁 


1) flaxseed

I just can't get enough of this amazing little seed, it's a linseed that has been ground up into a powder. It thickens liquid amazingly and gives a super texture to breakfasts. It's a key ingredient in my breakfast recipe ebook  btw 😉 It's full of omega 3 which is heart healthy and also helps with balancing blood sugar levels and full of fibre to keep you regular. Which is so important as you know. Read more


2) buckwheat 

Now this beauty of a seed is called a pseudo-cereal (what is that I hear you say) well it's technically a seed that acts like a grain 🌾 so it's wholesome and starchy but has way more nutrients than a grain. Think superfood! High in magnesium and protein 💪🏼. I just love it because it gives breakfasts that Crunch I know we all love! 



3) frozen berries 

Now these vibrant pops of sweetness are the antioxidant powerhouses. Berries are such a staple fruit for me and they're especially gorgeous in my breakfast recipes. Not only do they give the breakfast the eye candy factor but also that sweetness we all desire first thing in the morning. You see frozen berries tend to be my go-to because they last forever! Always to be on hand when I need them. 


I've attached above a review video of the incredible ingredients where you hear my thoughts and decide which you'd like to buy. 


Or if I've convinced you enough I've attached a link for you right here, because you guys are just fabulous. You'll get a special code where you can get a whole £5 off your order 😱 not one to miss!


I do hope you try at least on of these ingredients in your breakfasts and experience how good you can feel all morning. 


If you'd like some inspiration on recipes to try, head over to Amazon and grab a copy of my ' Robyn's 28 Vegan Breakfast Recipes ' ebook. I promise you won't be disappointed. 


Lots of love,


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