Robyn's 28 Vegan Breakfast Recipes


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'Robyn's 28 Vegan Breakfast Recipes'. Your very own fuller for longer vegan healthy breakfast recipe ebook.

This book is for those health conscious foodies wanting a tasty, cruelty free, quick, simple and easy breakfast that they can make everyday! 

But why buy this book? Well... I went vegan in 2013 and have been creating recipes since I could walk. I love sharing my creativity in the kitchen on my YouTube channel which hit 1 million views *jaw drop* yes I can't believe it's true. (You can see my channel by searching Robyn Eede). 

I've experimented with so many different breakfast recipes and ingredient combinations to see their effect on my body. So to share with the world my breakfast discovery I've collaborated the best into this beautiful ebook just for you.

Now I've shared these recipes with my friends and family and they love them! By incorporating these recipes into their morning routine they've been more productive, had more energy and felt healthier than ever! 

Michelle a Childhood Studies student said "These recipes are so filling and satisfying! What more could you want in a breakfast?! I'm no longer going for quick unhealthy snack fixes, I feel great!" 

If you follow the recipes in this book and add them into your daily routine I promise you'll feel 3x more satisfied than your current breakfasts. No more early morning breakfast decisions, freeing your mind to think about what's most important to you. 

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to get your hands on this fuller for longer breakfast recipes that you'll only find in this book! Be the person inspiring those around you to eat healthier too! 

The breakfast recipes you're about to read (with just a click away) have been proven to create positive, long lasting results. You may even have the ingredients already in your cupboard! The recipes will include two powerful fuller for longer ingredients and easy to follow instructions. They include similar staple ingredients (and no it's not all oats). With the addition of simple fruits to excite your taste buds daily. So what are you waiting for?! Hit BUY NOW!

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