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There's so much conflicting information out there making us confused as ever and that is because of bio-individuality.


Bio-individuality is that one persons food can be another person's poison. 



I help you get to know what WILL work for you in a judgement free space. 


I teach you how to look beyond the media buzz.


To explore your relationship with food I'll use my powerful questioning and active listening skills taught at IIN.  These will help you to create awareness around your relationship with food and help you reframe your perspective.


We clear up preconceived notions around healthy habits helping you to listen to your body's signals.


I'll design actions to guide you to make your own recommendations based on the observations made in the session. 

We'll address emotional decisions with emotional motivation.

Fill information gaps with good information.

No amount of info will ever address an emotional association with food and that's what I'm here for.

With my services I will create a space for you to develop self-awareness around inner workings that guide decisions and motivations. Such as likes, dislikes, habits, patterns, stories, and mindsets.

I'll give you the tools that you can take with you that will always be relevant. 

Rather than designating certain foods at certain meals, I encourage you to get curious about your own process around meals.


We work together to make simple behavioural changes to improve your health. 


My services are for those who are ready to take those small steps right now to become their best selves. My services are not for those who want a quick fix.

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Jasmine Cross

You've really changed my outlook on food. I used to find a lot of food and cooking boring, and I was worried I'd struggle being vegan without a lot of convenient food, but I discovered your channel and it's changed me! I'm much more experimental and I'm really enjoying cooking now, so thank you for your positivity and enthusiasm because it's really helped

Diane Roberts

Robyn is a hero! For most of my life I was suffering with IBS and Arthritis, I thought I was eating a healthy diet but Robyn suggested I try a gluten free whole foods vegan diet and my issues completely vanished! She has completely changed my life, from finding it really hard to do 8 lengths of a swimming pool to doing spinning classes 3 times a week! She has taught me how to cook easy, quick and tasty meals and has been so supportive.

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