My enrolment story

In the summer of 2016 I was searching for an online course that would allow me to work with and help people achieve their health goals and live happy fulfilling lives. One evening I was looking through instagram and came across 'Brittany' from 'The Vegan Solution', she had the title 'Health Coach' written in her bio so I decided to message her to ask more about it. She told me she studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I looked through their prospectus, took their sample class and was excited by my experience. I had found my dream course and just had to enrol! I sent them an email expressing my interest, we arranged a time to call, we chatted more about what a Health Coach does and what I would be qualified to do and how they would give me the education and knowledge to set up my own business. This was it, I knew I had to do it. They then sent me a link to the online portal which told me about their monthly plans, this suited me really well as I was then able to budget accordingly. I signed up and began this incredible transformational experience. I learnt from the top experts in nutrition such as Dr. Neal Barnard and even learnt from people in the self development field such as Gretchen Rubin.


What I love so much...

This course teaches you the skills to reach a new level of health. You learn that health is not all about consuming food but also the relationships, career, spirituality, emotions and behaviours that you face in every-day life. We learn that we are constantly changing and evolving and understanding new concepts such as: 'that there would never be a point of perfect health because health is a journey not a destination.' The course teaches about Primary and Secondary food, Primary food being the relationships in your life, your career, spirituality, finances and exercise. Secondary food being the meals that we eat. They teach about holistic principals involving both these aspects and bio-individuality meaning that one food can be another person's poison. 

I would recommend this course for those who...

  • Want to improve their own health and learn the details of different dietary theories that make truly, happy, successful, fulfilled lives.

  • Want to learn the communication skills to coach clients through health transformation and see them become the happiest they can be.

  • Choose to turn knowledge into a career and learn the skills to coach clients in a holistic way and create either an online or physical business from it.

  • Wish to add this as a complementary course for a clinical based nutrition course. 

What this course doesn't teach is...

The clinical knowledge. This is why if you want to develop skills to advise clinical case clients with more complex needs, I would recommend additional education with other online nutrition courses such as FDN online course and T.Colin Campbell's eCornell 'Plant-Based Nutrition' Course (which I am planning to do once I graduate from my Clinical Nutrition Degree). 

I'm an IIN ambassador...

If you want to become a Health Coach too, you can! If you sign up be sure to ask for the Ambassadors Savings Offer and mention my name Robyn Eede so you can get a special scholarship! You can phone in here to find out more or you can look through their prospectus and take one of their sample classes.


My Inspiration...

The other day I realised that my childhood inspiration Christa Orecchio had studied at IIN! I was so surprised because I had no idea and then came across it whilst looking on her beautiful website. She is amazing! I can't tell you how much she has influenced both my Mum's and my own health. I first found her website when I was age 14 in desperate search of a solution to my Mum's crippling joint pain, stomach problems and fatigue. She taught me about gluten sensitivity and how it can cause problems in the human body. Mum decided to give it a go and try a gluten free diet and wow! within weeks she was free from joint pain, her stomach issues were improving and her energy levels skyrocketted! This was the ultimate 'aha' moment when I realised how the food we eat can be so life changing. Since then my health passion became ignited and my research and knowledge began to expand. I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living and the journey continues :) If you have a similar story I would love to hear it. Please comment below and be sure to check out those links if you want to become a Health Coach too! 

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~ HIPPOCRateS

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