Hey there! I'm Robyn a Qualified Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach.


I help people incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine so that they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. I first became interested in health when my mum was in desperate need of help. She was suffering with crippling arthritis giving her severe join pain, IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and fatigue. I was 14 at the time and couldn't bear to watch her suffer like that. I remember walking around the shopping centre and after an hour she'd be too tired and the pain was too bad that we had to go home. 


As many of you most likely know a loved one who is suffering, it is a horrible thing to watch.


She went to the doctors and had tests done. She had her bowls looked at and her stomach inspected under anaesthetic. They couldn't find anything but legions and was told to just take pain killers and rest. Mum felt defeated and felt she just had to bare it.




I remember going into the hospital to see her after her surgical stomach inspection, so heart wrenching to see your mum so vulnerable. It was at that moment that I thought I would do my own research and look into it online.


I came across Christa Orrechio's website 'The Whole Journey' she had an article explaining about gluten (a protein in wheat) and how that could cause problems. I thought I'd show it to mum as it sounded like it could help. She thought she was eating a healthy diet but decided to give it a go anyway. She cut all breads, pastas, cakes, biscuits, flavourings and cereals out of her diet and replaced them with gluten free oats, fruits, veg, beans and greens. She tried lots of gluten free substitutes but didn't like them so stuck with the whole foods and WOW!


Within one week her stomach pain had completely gone and within 6 weeks her joint pain was gone.



I was amazed at what powerful effect food had on the body. She also lost those extra pounds, gained muscle and her fatigue was improving. She was now able to do 60 minute spin classes 3 times per week!


This was it, this was the moment when my health journey began. My passion was ignited and there was no going back. I started researching every evening and staying up late reading tons of articles on how different diseases had been completely healed with the power of food as medicine.



On the 14th June 2013 during my daily health research I came across a video by Gary Yourofsky called 'Best Speech' so I decided to watch it.


I couldn't believe what I was watching.


The video taught me about the destructive impact the livestock industry has on our health, the animals and on our planet. I had a vague idea before of what went on but didn't think much of it until I heard that intensive factory farming has a worst impact on the environment than all the transport put together! (There's more info on Cowspiracy.com) I noticed that halfway through the video I was sobbing, what horrible things that go on and I had been contributing to the industry because I was buying meat and dairy products.


It was at that point that realised I couldn't spend my money on those products ever again.


My eyes had been opened.


There wasn't any part of me that ever wanted to eat it ever again, I was going to become vegan! I remember feeling sick to the stomach because that night I had eaten a spaghetti bolognese. It was as if the connection between meat on my plate and animal had been connected. What was before just meat was now a cute kind sentient being that had a mummy and daddy and felt pain and all it wanted was to live a peaceful existence on this earth.


This started a ripple of realisations in my life, I started to look into the products I was using and putting on my body. I started to realise what I was purchasing had an impact in the world. As soon as I made that decision I started to ask the questions what do I eat? Where do I get my protein? How are my parents going to react to it? How was I going to tell my friends? but more importantly how was I going to share this message with the world!


That is when 'sweetsugarcrumble' youtube channel was born.


I started off with recipe videos and then broadened out to what I ate today videos and food hauls. I just loved using my creativity in the kitchen to develop vegan meals. I continued searching for different ways to eat vegan and came across many different versions such as 80/10/10, RawTill4, The Starch Solution, HCLF (High Carb Low Fat), Gourmet Vegan, Raw Vegan, (WSLF) Whole Starch Low Fat vegan, Balanced diet vegan, Paleo Vegan and I experimented with them all.


It has been a thrilling journey and I can now say I have come to a stage in my life where I can say I'm the healthiest I've ever felt.


I don't follow any particular vegan diet but have found my own that makes me feel amazing. I believe that everyone is different and no one diet fits all. I also can say that even seasonally our diets will change and that's ok, that's supposed to happen because when it's hot out you want fresh fruits and salads but when its cold out you want hearty soup and baked sweet potatoes.


Life is constantly changing and evolving and as long as you're eating the majority whole plant based foods, keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep, engaging in healthy relationships, moving your body daily and getting out in nature you will be happier and healthier.


BUT my job is to show you HOW to do that, to analyse your daily routine and incorporate some healthy habits in there to help you achieve that level of health you desire!   

~Be the change you want to see in the world ~


My Education...


I went on to study Dietetics at university. I was taught how to take diet histories, learned about many different conditions including diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, and gut disorders. We dived deep into genetics and human physiology. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, however, didn't enjoy working in hospitals so after 2 years I decided to take a year out to study Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Find out more here. This course gave me the communication skills and business skills needed to set up my own online Holistic Nutrition Practice.


I absolutely loved the course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about human health and set up their own practice.   


I have now graduated in Clinical Nutrition BS(Hons) and Holistic Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I've also achieved a Level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification, so I can help formulate fitness plans. I am so passionate about health, nutrition and fitness, I love how the power of nutritious food and not only food but also holistically how lifestyle, relationships and career is so important to your wellbeing.


I feel I have found my purpose in life and that is what I am here for today. If you are reading this I'm so incredibly thankful and I hope you are encouraged by my story.


I want to inspire you to eat amazingly nourishing foods and live a life that is abundant and fulfilled, disease free and joyful. 

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