February 11, 2020

My all time favourite natural vegan deodorant is this one by Elsa's Organics. I've been using this lovely brand for over 4 years and it keeps me fresh for well over 24hours. I love how they smell so floral and fruity. Only tested on humans and they're going plastic fre...

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Hi, I'm Robyn 

I’m a qualified Clinical Nutritionist (BSc Hons) and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in the UK. I’ve been passionate about Health since 2011 since I healed my mum from arthritis, fatigue and stomach issues from discovering she was intolerant to wheat. 


Since then my passion has grown and I started a youtube channel sharing my recipes and health knowledge with the world. I’ve helped thousands of people improve their health and weight by improving their eating habits…and I want to help you, too!


I love helping people incorporate tasty whole plant based foods into their daily routine with creative, quick and easy recipes. I love God and believe you've come to my site for a reason. Let's make those changes happen together. 10% or more of my monthly business profits go towards a chosen charity <3 


Want a PERSONALLY designed Meal Plan by a Qualified Nutritionist?

Want to lose weight?

Get healthier?

Build muscle?

Gain weight?

Restore your relationship with food?

As your Nutritionist and Health Coach we'll go through your goals and formulate a meal plan specific to your physical requirements. 

What you'll get: 

Nutritional Macronutrient Breakdown
1 week's worth of recipes
Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks/Desserts
Shopping List
Meal Plan Overview Timetable


- All tailored to your specific requirements - 


We can communicate via messenger or call consultation to create your plan. 


The Plan will take approximately 1 week to formulate.


Reach out to me either via fb @ Robyn Eede or instagram @veganrobyn for your initial text consultation.

Note: You don't have to be vegan for a meal plan, I taylor it to your needs.


Book now before and let's get those routines in place!

Be the change you want to see in the world

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